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There are 2 individuals that primarily work with Bera’s album “Georgian Dream”, Rob Fusari and also compositor of Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins. Even though Bera has a supervisor, still he puts a maximum effort in his task. As he says, young singer constantly tries to get to success individually due to the fact that the actual winner is the one that does everything without others assist. Bera also stresses that he has nobody around which he can trust all his work. Not that he is as well addicted on his work or has some kind of love. He simply really feels secure and calm when he has everything under his control.

This characteristic is extremely beneficial however at the exact same time unusual for such young singer as Bera. In one of the interviews Bera explains the period when he launched his very first album in United States as well as returned back to his house country- Georgia. As Bera claims it was really unexpected for him when people quit him on his method and asked to take photos with him. Teenagers looked at Bera with the regard in their eyes as well as proudly told him that they where listening his tracks five mins ago. Bera can not hide his wonder he did not get utilized to this sort of fame and also the reaction of these people was unexpected for him.

Despite the fact that the audiences in the Unites States Bera quickly accepted Bera was not satisfied yet. He, as one of the most patriot people intended to be liked by Georgians. According to singer, this was his primary method. The moment when he felt his goal got to was the moment when he saw the grinning faces of his people. The moment when he really felt love as well as warm perspective from the strangers who where demonstrating how much they adored young singer. Initially Bera started singing simply for fun. It was a leisure activity for a 15 years of ages teenager yet as time passed Bera recognized that singing for him was something greater than pastime. It was a lot a lot more significant task. At the age of 16 Bera realized that making up songs was something he wished to dedicate his life to; something that would become his top priority for the rest of his life. Now when this suggestion is not his desire anymore and it ended up being truth Bera is glad to each individual that played also a minor duty in his success. He’s happy to his caring family, educators as well as producer. Is grateful to his loyal buddy who had actually never questioned his success.

A young vocalist began his occupation with the tune “Georgian Desire”. As Bera points out, he never ever makes any predictions regarding his tunes or messages. He claims that it’s impossible to predict individuals’s responses and also emotions. You can never ever make people love you or make them become your fans. This comes normally and you just need to delegate your fait. As soon as Bera was asked if he is a dreamer or not. His answer was yes; he with confidence claimed that he has actually been a dreamer because childhood years as well as the verses from his first song came while he was sleeping on French language. Singer clarifies that desire has two definitions, while sleeping and also while thinking of something you want or something you had as well as shed. Both meanings have a solid link as well as play substantial duty in his life. Dream is the only location where he could be completely himself and also get to a sensation of a complete excellence. Every individual has some kind of dream; there are no insignificant or small dreams, each of the existed dreams is something worth to be pleased with. Bera assumes that dream is one progression to the goal. When person does not have desires, he has absolutely nothing to benefit. When one starts dreaming, he ends up being concentrated on this dream. The primary job is to turn the dream into a goal and start functioning for it.

In one of the interviews Bera talks concerning one of his tunes, “Gpirdebi”. This tune has Georgian verses. As young singer highlights he is always thrilled when he introduces tracks on Georgian to the public. The factor for his excitement is that individuals are extremely judgmental because they have number of skilled singers or composer around them and also it’s extremely difficult for Bera to surprise the target market. Still, the extra difficult his work is, extra focused he is. Bera says that he suches as life loaded with various challenges and is 100% ready to get over each problem on his means to success. As he looks back and recognizes what does it cost? he went trough he feels pride. Still he never flaunts with all these achievements since he never ever suches as to speak spell his success, he takes into consideration that person should not praise himself and jugging him in an excellent method much like laid-up is a job of other individuals.