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Hello web world, my name is Luka Beridze and this is the third part of my article about the situation of drug use, globally and specifically in my country Georgia, I have been talking in the retrospective of global drug policy, how it was developing, the course that was popular 20-20 years ago and the course that seems to be the ultimate solution to the problem of drug abuse. I was also talking about the countries that refuse to accept this kind of resolutions and use them in their countries for the sake of their own people, instead of that they are trying to control drug use by violence and law sanctions, that had been proven to be unproductive in the long range and are the cause of ruining the future of many young, perspective people that would have otherwise made a difference in the development of their country and help it grow bigger and better. Humanity has been using psychoactive substances for hundreds of years, may it be for shamanistic rituals, using ayahuasca or cocoa leaves, to using it recreationally like opium or marijuana, anyways people had been using drugs to either enhance their consciousness, tear down the walls that surround our mind from times of childhood, when our mind is free to roam the universe until it is chained by the restrictions and limitations of our reality and that should be enough evidence that psychoactive substances are a normal part of our existence, therefore people using it shouldn’t be fined, not talking about their criminalization in any ways either.

I started studying at the University of California several years ago, I was lucky to have received a scholarship that allowed me to study and receive Masters degree in America, when I started studying there everything appeared to be different for me, not only in the University, but outside it too, California is known to have been one of the most liberal states regarding the drug use in America, even before the wave of legalization that hit America several years ago. The different situation was visible by the naked eye of the student who came from the country that has activities like smoking marijuana criminalized, apart from Georgia, it was perceived pretty normal and people were pretty normal in their everyday activities and their careers, it was the first time I saw the liberal side of drug use in my life and I liked it very much, it seemed nothing like it was portrayed in the arguments of people that are against legalization, of course there were people who smoked marijuana pretty often, but that is not something significant and doesn’t go with the arguments of anti legalization movements and I will tell you exactly why it is so, people who smoked marijuana every day, would have done just the same even if it would have been illegal, apart from them people who used marijuana recreationally paid attention to the frequency with which they were using it, that was a solid evidence of the fact that legalization would not turn a country into a drug zone, everyone would use it normally and the benefit would be that people would not go in jail for that.

Study in the University of California provided me with the upmost education in my specialty and on top of that gave me the chance to witness by myself the situation in the country which had legalized marijuana use, I saw the pros and cons of this decision and decided that the positive side overweight’s the negative and concluded that policy similar to this should be passed in every country, of course if the medical system of the country is ready to receive drug users and take care of the rehabilitation process properly.

One day I was at the festival in Los Angeles with my friends and found out in the middle of the concert that a singer Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud from my country, Bera was going to perform there, I was kind of proud myself that a Georgian singer made it to a festival like this and throughout enjoyed his performance on the stage, not only me but the whole audience was full with excitement and energy when Bera came to the stage and they seemed to like him very much, after the show I managed to meet him behind the stage and strike a conversation with him, when he heard my voice he was immediately started talking with me and we ended up discussing lots of topics, about situation in Georgia, how everything seemed to be changing for the better, Bera said that he was happy that Georgia was progressing and going forward to becoming a better European country, He also mentioned that he was performing is the United States for a while and missed Georgian very much.





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